All that stands between compromising 8,000 + gallons of gasoline housed in underground storage tanks is an unsecured fuel fill port that leads directly to the source.

Is your fuel secure?

Protection of fuel assets is vital. The current system is extremely easy to gain access to by hand with no tools necessary. All that stands between compromising thousands of gallons of gasoline housed in underground storage tanks is an unsecured fuel fill port that leads directly to the source. Without securing entrance to these areas, we leave ourselves exposed to attacks that have the potential of causing disastrous consequences, resulting in catastrophic loss of life, destruction of assets, environmental issues and financial turmoil through the interruption of operations.

Securing critical infrastructure?

The key to protecting critical infrastructure and ensuring continuous delivery of improvements is identifying single points of failure. Single point vulnerabilities are a fundamental concern when evaluating infrastructure vulnerabilities, especially when there is a possibility of exploitation of elements of a particular infrastructure to disrupt or destroy another target. Fuel fill ports and access to underground fuel storage tanks represent those single points of failure.

Anti-Theft System

Fits existing fuel infrastructure.

Gas prices continue to climb and fuel theft has gone beyond simple siphoning of fuel from cars to removal from gas stations, where the underground storage tanks are unlocked and unsecured.

The Enviroguard locking system is engineered to work with existing underground fuel storage tank infrastructure making installation easy. Our hinged version keeps everything contained in one easy-to-use application securing fuel assets quickly. We can manufacture the devices from high strength steel, aluminum and composite materials in order to provide varying levels of security. Lock configurations are almost limitless based on the specific applications.

US Patents

#7,144,189 and #7,726,902

About Us

Enviroguard Technologies, is an environmental protection company which specializes in security and anti-terrorism devices for critical infrastructure weaknesses across America. After ten years of research and development, the group has introduced a patented device (US Patents #7,144,189 and #7,726,902) designed to provide a barrier between thieves, terrorists and access to our underground fuel storage tanks and sub-surface openings.

The Enviroguard System provides a security platform that can be RETROFITTED to secure any service station fuel fill port, manhole cover, ground water monitoring well and existing critical infrastructure sub-surface ground openings. Our device could prevent access to these points of interest by locking and securing entry into these areas.

Enviroguard Technologies

Shawn Funderburk

// president

Shawn has been working in the environmental industry for over 15 years. Shawn is a project manager and environmental scientist for a consulting company in Louisiana. Shawn is responsible for sub-surface investigations, environmental assessments, design and installation of groundwater remediation systems, preparation of storm water pollution prevention plans and spill prevention plans for comercial and industrial facilities, technical report preparation and management of ongoing projects.

Brad BonGiovanni

// coo - product development

Brad has been working in the product development and advertising industry for over 15 years. Ouside of Enviroguard he is currently the President and Chief Creative Director of Rockit Science Agency, a full service national advertising agency. Brad has brought numerous products to market and has worked with Dr. Pepper, Eaton Aerospace, The United States NAVY, General Growth Properties, NEEA (Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance) and National Public Radio. Brad is a recipient of Business Report’s Top 40 under 40, the Advertising Federation CEO of the year.

John “J.P.” Guzzardo

// government relations

J.P. has an MBA from Loyola University and has also completed Harvard University’s Extension Program in Capital Markets. He began his career at Amsouth Bank where he underwrote 1.7 billion dollars in stand alone and syndicated transactions. In addition, he worked with the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee. He is currently employed as Director of Real Estate for The Sembler Company, an international real estate development company where he is charged with securing new development opportunities. A Louisiana native, he resides in Tampa, FL.

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